card project idea

This should be a more organized write down of this Google Keep note I wrote almost a month ago

card project idea google keep note

I thought of this while attending a conference here in Alexandria; what if there is a way for people to exchange contact information, not only giving them. I mean if I gave someone my phone number, I should have theirs, and I should know where we met and maybe what we talked about. I know there are tons of similar projects and products, but I’ve settled on some features that I think will put this project in a different scope.

Also before I start rambling, I’m making this to solve my own problem of not remembering who calls me and being too lazy to save each and every one I meet in a conference or a talk.

the bullet-points

What I picture is this; I give people a link that has my public contacts and a button called “exchange contacts” for example. When someone clicks this button one of two scenarios should happen:

POC for the first scenario is WIP. Still researching the other part.